Kevin Hines – Discover Wellness Summit – 4/19/19

World-renowned keynote speaker Kevin Hines has dedicated his life to spreading the message of hope and recovery after surviving his suicide attempt of jumping from the Golden Gate Bridge. Workshop topics will include mental health, substance use, medical, holistic, and a variety of other topics. Workshops will be an opportunity for the community to choose how they define their wellness and offer them new ideas and skills to try. For more information, search Discover Wellness Summit on Facebook.

Kevin Ferry, Nicole Trego, MRHS Chorus and Performance Arts Booster 4-18-19

Monmouth-Roseville High School Chorus Director Kevin Ferry, and MRHS Performance Arts President Nicole Trego, discuss recent events with MRHS band, as well as a fundraising opportunity for Magical Singers to sing the National Anthem at Busch Stadium on June 6

Stacey Rucker – Carl Sandburg College – 2/7/19

Director of Corporate and Leisure Activities at Carl Sandburg College, Stacey Rucker, highlights the upcoming Day Trips for this Spring season on the WRAM Morning Show. For more information, search Sandburg Corporate and Leisure on Facebook or call the college at 309-345-3501.

Rod Davies, Lew Steinbrecher, & Ken Helms – City of Monmouth – 2/5/19

Mayor Rod Davies, City Administrator Lew Steinbrecher, and Director of Information Technology Ken Helms, highlight the events discussed at the recent city council meeting, including, the building and zoning monthly report, equipment proposal, and the city budget.

Julia Bernardi, Michelle Shepler, Jodi Scott, & Lori Loving – Regional Office of Education – 1/31/19

Julia Bernardi, RAES East Instructor, Michelle Shepler, Edgenuity Coordinator, Jodi Scott, Regional Superintendent of Schools, and Lori Loving, Assistant Regional Superintendent of Schools, discuss the Family Empowerment Program and an upcoming event at the Sidetrax Bar and Grill in Galesburg for parents on February 27th.