Paula Markey, Kathy Lafary, & Stacey Dutton – Power in Purple – 10/15/18

Senior Community Manager at the American Cancer Society Stacey Dutton shares what the Power in Purple event is all about in Warren and Henderson Counties. Paula Markey and Kathy Lafary share on their efforts for raising money for the event as being two of the six ambassadors for this year’s competition.

Amanda Pilgar & Jeff Ewing – Blingo – 10/12/18

Co-President of the Monmouth-Roseville Education Foundation Amanda Pilgar and Harding Principal Jeff Ewing discuss their upcoming Blingo event to take place Saturday October 13th at the VFW in Monmouth. They also discuss a new program at Lincoln, Harding, and Central schools called ‘Watch Dogs’.

Ashley German – Family Planning Services – 10/11/18

Executive Director of Family Planning Services of Western Illinois Ashley German, highlights what their program is all about, involving confidential, low-cost, preventative health care to males and females to help with their sexual health and reproductive health needs. For more information, visit or call 309-343-6162.

Ken Springer – Knox County Area Partnership for Economic Development – 10/8/18

President Ken Springer discusses the upcoming Manufacturing Showcase at Galesburg and Knoxville High School’s being put on by the Knox County Area Partnership for Economic Development on Tuesday October 30th. For more information, call 309-343-1194.

Stan Jenks & Jeannie Webber – Maple Leaf Community Concert Series – 10/5/18

Stan Jenks and Jeannie Webber discuss the Maple Leaf Community Concert Series, which kicks off on November 1st with Tapestry. The series will take place in Dahl Chapel at 7pm. Season concert tickets are $70 or $30 per concert. Tickets can be purchased online, at the Monmouth Area Chamber of Commerce, or at the door on the night of the event. For more information, visit

Casey Rexroat – Monmouth Fire Department – 10/4/18

Monmouth Fire Chief Casey Rexroat discusses National Fire Prevention Week, October 8th through the 14th. Rexroat also shares tips on preventing fires while using space heaters and fireplaces, being aware of using candles and decorations, and the leaf burning policy in Monmouth.

Beth Reedy – Monmouth-Roseville Hall of Achievement – 10/4/18

Beth Reedy is a 1974 graduate of Yorkwood High School and resides in Monmouth. She discusses teachers who inspired her, her teaching days, and what she is up to today. Reedy will be honored with the Distinguished Service Award at the ceremony on October 6th in the Warren County History Museum at 10 am.

Tammy Wolbers – Monmouth-Roseville Hall of Achievement – 10/3/18

Tammy Wolbers, a 1997 Monmouth High School graduate, is one of three highly accomplished individuals being inducted into the Monmouth-Roseville Hall of Achievement. Wolbers shares about her time in high school, teachers who inspired her, and what she is up to today. The ceremony will take place on Saturday October 6th at 10 am in the Warren County History Museum.

Jill Miller Denning – Monmouth-Roseville Hall of Achievement – 10/3/18

Jill Miller Denning, a 1989 Monmouth High School graduate, is one of three highly accomplished individuals being inducted into the Monmouth-Roseville Hall of Achievement. Ms. Denning shares about her time in high school, teachers who inspired her, and what she is up to today. The ceremony will take place on Saturday October 6th at 10 am in the Warren County History Museum.

Erin Buckmaster – Knox County Humane Society – 10/2/18

Erin Buckmaster of the Knox County Humane Society discusses improvements being made to the facility, pets up for adoption, and highlighted the past Doggy Jog fundraiser. Buckmaster also shares tips to get your pets ready for winter. For more information or to donate, log onto

Cathy Froelich – NRCS – 10/2/18

District Conservationist Cathy Froelich wants to remind farmers in the field that if they have any concerns about their land to give the office a call and they can come survey the land. Also, be aware of your conservation plan when you are going to till the fields and know what you can and cannot do.

Lew Steinbrecher & Ken Helms – City of Monmouth – 10/2/18

City Administrator Lew Steinbrecher and Director of Information Technology Ken Helms, summarize the City of Monmouth Council Meeting earlier this week. Items discussed included the upcoming clean up week, the status of Fareway, the removal of the North Main rail street crossing, and replacing the Strom Center roof. For more information, log onto

Jeannie Webber & Lorenzo Pugh – Warren County United Way – 9/28/18

Jeannie Webber of the Warren County United Way and Lorenzo Pugh, of the Regional Office of Education, discuss the Strive for Less than Five campaign and their goals to keep it going through the years. For more information, visit or

Gina Long & Jared Kunkle – WHFB – 9/28/18

Manager Gina Long and President Jared Kunkle discuss past and upcoming events at the Warren-Henderson Farm Bureau. Topics discussed include farm safety, National 4-H week with a supply drive by a local group for the Western Illinois Animal Rescue, and recaps of the Ag Days the farm bureau was involved in. For more information, visit

Greg McClintock – Monmouth-Roseville Education Foundation – 9/27/18

Greg McClintock of the Monmouth-Roseville Education Foundation shares the four accomplished alumni that will be inducted into the Monmouth-Roseville Hall of Achievement and one area citizen that will receive a Distinguished Service Award. Tammy Wolbers, Ron Moore, and Jill Miller Denning have been named to the Hall of Achievement and Beth Reedy will be receiving the Distinguished Service Award. The ceremony will be held on October 6th at 10 am in the Warren County History Museum in Monmouth.

Todd DeDecker – Jordbruksdagarna – 9/27/18

Bishop Hill Heritage Association Administrator Todd DeDecker talks about their upcoming 47th Annual Fall Harvest Festival Jordbruksdagarna. Events attendees can expects are demonstrations by artisans, tons of kid activities, delicious food, a baseball game, and much more. For more information, visit

Patrick Coate – United West Elementary – 9/26/18

Principal Patrick Coate highlights his building for the school spotlight, featuring Trish Bertelsen as the Teacher of the Month. Coate also reports on the building’s upcoming Fall Festival on October 19th and his participation in the Power in Purple campaign to raise awareness for the American Cancer Society. For more information, log onto

Susan Meyer – Schuyler Street Stroll – 9/26/18

Susan Meyer highlights upcoming events to take place during the Schuyler Street Stroll this Saturday September 29th. Events include a car show, over 30 vendors, a variety of food, chainsaw carvings, and Civil War reenactments. For more information, search Schuyler Street Stroll on Facebook.

Warren/Knox County United Ways, Bridgeway, ROE – “Strive For Less Than 5” – 9/21/18

Jeannie Weber, Warren County United Way, Laun Dunn, Knox County United Way, Vicki Rose, Bridgeway, and Lorenzo Pugh and Janeen Harkness from the Regional Office of Education are all teaming up for the “Strive for less than 5” campaign. The program is designed to keep students from missing more than 5 days of school during the school year by working with schools, the students, and their families. For more information, log onto or

John Turnbull – Turnbull Heritage Museum – 9/21/18

John Turnbull shares he is having an open house for his Turnbull Heritage Museum where local residents can come view artifacts from his family over the past 134 years. The open house will be Saturday September 29th at 10am. The museum is located at State Highway 94 and Church Street in Biggsville, IL.

Chad & Elsa Galyean – Central Mountain Coffee Roasters – 9/20/18

Owners Chad and Elsa Galyean are bringing a new coffee shop to the Monmouth area. The Central Mountain Coffee Roasters will be serving unique gourmet Columbian coffee cubes. To find more information about the coffee shop, log onto or search them on Facebook.

Kellen Hinrichsen – Warren County History Museum – 9/19/18

Pattee Executive Director Kellen Hinrichsen, talks about their upcoming event on Saturday at 7pm. They will be hosting the Prairieland Barbershop Chorus acapella group out of Macomb. The event is free and open to the public. Hinrichsen also highlights a new exhibit to open on Monday about the history of education in our area.

Ed Fletcher – Monmouth-Roseville District – 9/19/18

Superintendent Ed Fletcher discusses about the Board of Education’s recent meeting. Items discussed included: the budget, board election to occur in the spring, Jamieson Center to take over Operation Backpack, and the M-R Performing Arts students to make a trip to New York City every four years. For the full meeting minutes, log onto

Chelsea Moberg- Galesburg Parks & Recreation – 9/18/18

Recreation Supervisor, Chelsea Moberg, discusses the upcoming fall/winter schedule with the Galesburg Parks and Recreation. Events include open swim at the Hawthorne Pool, basketball open gyms, and adult volleyball leagues. To find the complete schedule, search City of Galesburg Parks and Recreation on Facebook.

Tina Canada – OSF Healthcare Holy Family – 9/18/18

Diabetes Educator, Tina Canada, discusses upcoming events being put on by OSF Healthcare Holy Family, including their monthly Diabetes Support Group, a new program A Matter of Balance, and a Lunch and Learn session in October. For more information about any of these events, call Tina at 734-1424.

Jeff Whitsitt – United School District – 9/17/18

Superintendent Jeff Whitsitt highlights items the board discussed during their monthly meeting last week. Items include the budget, 10 year life safety survey, the installment of the security cameras, and upcoming business for the October meeting. For more information, log onto

Hank Shimmin & Julie Shaw – Kiwanis Club – 9/14/18

President Hank Shimmin and member Julie Shaw discuss the launch of a new program called Kiwanis Kicks. Their goal is to provide a pair of socks and shoes to children in grades 1 through 3 in the Monmouth-Roseville school district in need. Eventually they would love to expand the program. To find out how you can be involved, contact any Kiwanis Club Member.

Lawrence Conrad – Western Illinois Archaeological Research Center Collection – 9/14/18

Lawrence Conrad discusses his upcoming talk about artifacts from 13,000 years of prehistoric culture in the region. The talk will be at 7:30 pm on Wednesday September 19 in the Pattee Auditorium in the Center for Science and Business at Monmouth College. For more information, log onto

Cathy Froelich – NRCS – 9/11/18

District Conservationist, Cathy Froelich, with the Natural Resources Conservation Service, discusses deadline for fish sales, the upcoming Conservation Day for 6th graders at Young’s Lake, and a weed that has been around our area. For more information, log onto

Kristyne Gilbert – Buchanan Center for the Arts – 9/11/18

Executive Director, Kristyne Gilbert, discusses their 10th anniversary of the 64 Arts National Juried Exhibition taking place this week at the Buchanan Center for the Arts. She also discusses their fall schedule and other upcoming events. For more information, search Buchanan Center for the Arts on Facebook.

Ken Springer – Knox County Area Partnership – 9/10/18

President of the Knox County Area Partnership of Economic Development, Ken Springer, discusses an upcoming trip with Knox County high schools and Carl Sandburg College to Chicago. They will tour the International Manufacturing Technology Show. For more information, log onto or on Facebook @KnoxPartnership.

Mayor Rod Davies, Lew Steinbrecher, & Ken Helms – City Council Meeting – 9/5/18

Mayor Rod Davies, City Administrator Lew Steinbrecher, and Director of Information Technology Ken Helms, highlight what was discussed at the City of Monmouth council meeting earlier this week. To see the full report, log onto

Jodi Scott, Laun Dunn, & Jeannie Weber – Knox and Warren United Ways & ROE – 8/28/18

Regional Superintendent Jodi Scott, Laun Dunn of the Knox County United Way, and Jeannie Weber of the Warren County United Way, are teaming up to launch the program “Strive for Less Than Five”. This program is to get students and parents on board for having students miss less than five days of school during the year. For more information, log onto or

Monmouth College Scots Excel in Indoor Track and Field

The Monmouth College Scots are doing very well in indoor track and field.

The men’s indoor track team recently won their nineteenth straight indoor conference championship, with Dan Evers winning his pole vault and long jump events. Evers will be competing at the national competition in Birmingham, Ala., next weekend.

Many Events in the Future with Galesburg Parks & Rec 2-28-18

The Galesburg Parks and Recreation Department has many different events in the near future.

Elizabeth Varner of the Galesburg Parks and Recreation Department reported that there will be everything from ballroom dance lessons to swimming lessons available this month.

Annual Monmouth-Roseville FFA Dinner and Auction

The annual Monmouth-Roseville FFA Auction and Dinner Fundraiser will take place March 8 at the American Legion in Monmouth.

This fundraiser has taken place almost as long as the chapter has been around. It is the main fundraiser for the Monmouth-Roseville FFA. All money raised at the fundraiser will go to the FFA chapter.

Phil Cooper – Western Illinois Animal Rescue – 2-27-18

A fundraiser for WIAR will be held at the VFW in Monmouth on Mar. 31 at 4 p.m. The proceeds of that event will help the organization pay for a new building among other operational costs. Cooper also discusses his appreciation for the heartfelt contributions of animal lovers in the community.

Galesburg’s 2018 Annual Dinner and Business Excellence Awards

The 2018 Annual Dinner and Business Excellence Awards, an event to celebrate the Galesburg Chamber volunteers, the Board and members as well as the work of the Chamber and the Galesburg community will take place March 1 at the Lake Storey Pavilion. The doors will open at 5:30 p.m. with the event starting at 6 p.m.

Sponsors Give Update on Chess Club

The Chess Club at the ICS and Central Intermediate Schools have helped the younger generation represent the community in a positive way.

Audie Duran and Mitch Petersen, sponsors of the ICS and Central Intermediate Schools Chess Program, explained how far the club has come since its inception. Students have learned a new way of playing chess.

Dina Chick & Stacey Dutton – Relay For Life – 2-22-18

Warren-Henderson Relay For Life is holding a trivia night this weekend. Dina Chick and Stacey Dutton talk about other ways they are raising money to support Relay For Life and the American Cancer Society. Warren-Henderson Relay For Life is scheduled for June 2.

Michael Frerichs – Illinois State Treasurer – 2-22-18

Illinois State Treasurer Michael Frerichs announced a comprehensive loan program that commits $500 million in new money to flow through local banking institutions to help individuals obtain loans at below-market rates.

“Invest in Rural Illinois” is believed to be the largest economic development program for rural Illinois to ever come from the treasurer’s office.

Rod Davies & Lew Steinbrecher – City of Monmouth – 2-21-18

A housing study conducted by Northern Illinois University concluded and was presented at Tuesday night’s Monmouth city council meeting. Mayor Rod Davies and City Administrator Lew Steinbrecher talk about the details of the upcoming housing expansion.

Teacher & School Spotlight Presentation for February – 2-20-18

Amrit Bidegaray of Monmouth-Roseville was presented with the Teacher of the Month Award for her outstanding job as an ESL teacher. She received a custom plaque from Lacky Monuments, gift card to McDonalds, certificate from the Regional Office of Education, and a check from MTC Communications.

Erika Harold – State’s Attorney General Candidate – 2-19-18

Erika Harold has persevered through some tough times in her life. Now, she is trying to create change in the state of Illinois. She visited the Lincoln Day Dinner in Monmouth last Monday to talk about her journey. Her section of the podcast starts just prior to the 32-minute mark (31:30) and lasts until the end of this podcast.