Dave Dunn – Run Galesburg Run – 5-22-18

Dave Dunn is the organizer of the annual Run Galesburg Run event, which falls on June 3 this year. There are three events starting at 7:00 am and it will start in downtown Galesburg. There will be an after party held at 8:00 am with food and drink being catered with live music during and after the race.

Ken Helms, Rod Davies & Andy Jackson – City of Monmouth – 5-22-18

Many important developments came about as a result of Monday’s Monmouth City Council Meeting. The City entered into an agreement with the Y.M.C.A. for their summer pool services. Other issues discussed at the meeting include: door-to-door solicitation, the repair of the roof at city hall, a potential memorial day weekend 5k run, and more.

Rod Davies & Lew Steinbrecher – 5-8-18

Monmouth’s City Council met on Monday night to discuss a myriad of topics. Mayor Rod Davies and City Administrator Lew Steinbrecher break down all the latest from the meeting, which included: a new alert system for neighborhoods, an update on the city’s pool for the summer of 2018, information regarding renovations at Smithfield and Monmouth College, liquor licenses at local business, and more.

Lt. Joe Bratcher & Susan Jensen – Eagle View Community Health System & Monmouth Police Department – 5-7-18

A federal grant is allowing local counties to hold opioid trainings to educate emergency/first responders and community members on the opioid crisis. These trainings will be held on May 9th, May 16th, and May 21st.

Rebecca Buel Young & Anthony Adams – Monmouth College Forensics – 5-3-18

The Monmouth Forensics Team recently competed at the national tournament in Oshkosh, WI. The team earned a 2nd place finish in their class, while senior Anthony Adams collected a third place finish in the nation. Two members of the team, Rebecca Buel Young & Adams, discuss the year for the team.

Joe Switzer – Monmouth Police Department – 4-26-18

The weather has finally turned the corner from winter, and with that, added motorcycles are sure to find their way onto the roads. Joe Switzer discusses the awareness drivers must have for motorcycles during Motorcycle Awareness Month.

Jim Johnson – The Grand Alumni Band – 4-23-18

Each year since 2013, members of former Monmouth high school bands, and now, members of other local bands are coming together to play once again. The group performs in the Prime Beef Festival each fall. This year, a special concert will also be performed by The Grand Alumni Band.

Dennis Plummer – Wendell Whiteman Memorial Lecture – 4-10-18

Monmouth College Class of ’72 graduate Dennis Plummer will speak at this year’s annual Wendell Whiteman Memorial Lecture. Plummer discusses his path to success at Monmouth and Monsanto; how technology is changing the agricultural landscape; and how technology will soon be an even more vital part of our everyday lives.

Diane Mayfield – Western Illinois Regional Council & Community Action Agency – 4-3-18

WIRC-CAA Victim Services provides free and confidential services to survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault in west central Illinois. Diane Mayfield talks about warning signs that parents should look for involving sexual assault and child abuse.

Jill Mann – Western Illinois Regional Council & Community Action Agency – 4-3-18

WIRC-CAA Victim Services provides free and confidential services to survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault in west central Illinois. Jill Mann discusses an upcoming event to help bring awareness to local colleges.

Alex Tanney & Jeff Ewing – Tackle MS with Alex Tanney – 4-2-18

Multiple sclerosis is a debilitating disease that affects the brain and spinal cord. When Alex Tanney’s sister-in-law, Julia, was diagnosed with the disease back in 2012, he wanted to help bring it to the forefront. This summer, Tanney will hold a football camp, golf outing, and dinner/silent auction in Monmouth.

Don Luper & Nicole Brown – Let’s Talk Parkinson’s: Big & Loud – 3-21-18

Seminary Village and Azer Clinic are partnering for a new program that will assist those living with Parkinson’s Disease. The new program is designed to help those affected by Parkinson’s regain their motor skills and functions.

Jeff Ballard – Larry “The Flagman” Eckhardt Benefit – 3-21-18

Larry “The Flagman” Eckhardt has put up nearly 500,000 American flags across 14 different states to honor fallen soldiers, police officers, and firefighters. He recently was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Members of local fire departments are putting on a benefit to help Eckhardt cover medical costs.

Jeff Whitsitt – United School District 304 – 3-15-18

A 10-year life safety report was presented at the latest school board meeting for United. Superintendent Jeff Whitsitt talks about some of the improvements that need to be made over the next few years. He also touches on the issue of school safety and student well-being.

Don Farr & MRJHS Student Council – Monmouth-Roseville Junior High School – 3-9-18

Monmouth-Roseville Junior High School is the subject of our School Spotlight for the month of March. Principal Don Farr and members of the student council stopped by the studio to talk about the latest happenings at the school and why their school is deserving of this recognition.